Hello gorgeous ladies,

I'm so proud of you for taking the first step in your journey to personal transformation & empowerment!

I want you to know how truly amazing you are, as a Woman and Mother, and that it’s ok to make yourselves a priority too. To realise & believe how incredibly powerful you are and that you really do have unique gifts and talents to offer the world!

Believe in yourself enough to step out of your comfort zone and into your power to live a life you love and fill it with things that make you happy, and people who love, support and encourage you!

I want you to experience and feel truly empowered, deserving & worthy, with the confidence & belief in yourselves that absolutely anything is possible.

To reach your highest potential, make your hopes and dreams your reality and live a meaningful life you love. Increasing the joy & happiness in your life, along with your energy, vitality & overall sense of wellbeing & personal fulfilment.

I want to help you to find your passion, purpose and inner power that allows your own light to shine, where you radiate your vibrant inner beauty, passion and enthusiasm for life. Where you positively transform the way you think & feel to create the life & future you truly want.

I have a free gift for you at the bottom of the home page to kick start your journey to give you clarity, focus and direction, along with a 30-Day Daily Rituals Challenge which you'll find on my blog page.

You’re in the right place to fill your world with everything you love, hope for & dream of to positively transform your life and wellbeing on all levels, the physical, mental, spiritual & emotional AND…

Love your life with a passion!


Waking up every day with:

    • A positive outlook on life
    • A smile on your face
    • A skip in your step AND…
    • Being a happier, more fulfilled,  fit & healthier version of yourself

What would it mean for you to jump off the speedy treadmill of life to make yourself a priority too, increase your happiness and personal fulfilment and live a life filled with things you love and are passionate about?

Even if it seems impossible right now & you have absolutely no idea where to start or exactly what it is you want. Or maybe you do know what you want, although you’re unsure how to get it. That’s ok too because there is light at the end of this tunnel gorgeous, and I’m going to shine it for you!

My intention is to equip you with practical and effective tools and techniques perfect for busy mothers that will motivate and guide you throughout your journey to personal transformation & empowerment!

Believe me, I’ve been exactly where you are right now and I know that if you ‘take action’ to create positive change, that you can be where you want to be, doing what you want to be doing, and living a life you love with a passion. The truth is, YOU CAN…experience what that feels like and I want to help you make that happen!

Ignite your inner passion & unleash the power within TO…

    • Create a powerful & positive shift in the way you think & feel
    • Find your passion, purpose, sense of self & zest for life!
    • Reach your highest potential!
    • Find solutions to obstacles
    • Make your hopes, dreams and goals your reality!

Are you ready to step into your power and take the path that leads you to absolute happiness?

Hey Gorgeous! I’m Melita!

 As a mother of three beautiful children, my passion is empowering other women and mothers to feel completely empowered with passion, purpose, a zest for life and a strong sense of self. I want you to experience what it feels like to be able to maintain a positive outlook on life, to have confidence & belief in yourself and positively transform your life & overall health & well-being on every level AND.....

Have the drive and determination to bring your hopes and dreams into reality to create a meaningful life and future you love with increased happiness, energy, vitality and personal fulfillment!

I’ve experienced first-hand, the detrimental effects that stress, anxiety and depression can have on your entire being and how quickly you can spiral in a negative way physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually without the right tools, support, guidance and positive mindset techniques. Probably one of the darkest times in my life was when I suffered from PTSD and spiralled into a deep depression for nearly a year, where I would have severe anxiety, panic attacks, fears & phobias and basically felt like the joy was sucked right out of my life. Luckily, I found a way to bring myself out of that darkness and into the light and I would love to show you how you can not only do that too, but also positively transform your life & well-being on every level!  

I wrote my first self-help book, ‘Thrive as a Woman AND Mother, Find Your Happy. Positive and Empowered Self' and became an author, holistic wellness & empowerment coach, Mind Power Technology consultant and positive mindset mentor to empower, motivate and inspire mothers to feel truly empowered, deserving & worthy and to know that absolutely anything is possible. To reach your highest potential, give life to all your hopes & dreams and feel complete happiness and personal fulfillment.

Encouraging you to step into your power, find yourself again, ignite your fire and passion within and live a meaningful life you truly love. Along with the courage to find solutions to obstacles, conquer any limiting beliefs, fears, anxieties or self-doubt and coming out the other side feeling completely empowered, invigorated and liberated with a strong sense of self and a new lease on life!

An enriched & abundant life filled with passion, increased opportunities, happiness & personal fulfilment!

The idea for my business started when our kiddies were old enough that I could start thinking about me again. I knew I had to think about going back to work… ARGH!!!!

I didn’t want a job that I either loathed, stressed me out or sucked the life out of me. I also knew that the years were flying by so fast and I couldn’t keep going around on the same merry-go-round of life. I wanted to do something that I loved & was passionate about NOW, not when all the planets aligned.

I knew though THAT…

No one else was going to do it for me and that if I didn’t take ACTION….

Things would remain the same, SO…

I figured out a way that I could offer my unique gifts to the world, doing what I was passionate about…Writing, inspiring, empowering & coaching others to transform their life!

My own ‘Journey to Personal Transformation & Empowerment’ began when I was about 17 years old after meeting a Medicine Man/Spiritual Healer, who taught me everything he knew, which led me to….

A thirst & quest for knowledge to access the infinite power & abilities we have within ourselves...SO

For the next 30 years, I immersed myself in self-exploration & personal development training, taught yoga, meditation and studied and worked in the Health & Wellness industry. Going off on a few different directions along the way, all of which has led me to be the person I am today. So NOW….

I want to inspire & empower YOU to positively transform YOUR life and be exactly where YOU want to be, doing what brings YOU boundless joy & absolute happiness! A life that you love and are so passionate about that you wake up every day feeling a deep sense of gratitude and contentment for the amazing life you’re living.

I believe everything happens for a reason, in divine timing, that leads you to your higher purpose and has led you here NOW!

I’m so excited to show you how to POSITIVELY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!

Imagine what it feels like to HAVE….

A positive mindset, mood, attitude and belief system!

Imagine what it feels like TO....

Love your life, live your dream & be all you want to be!

Wake up every day to a life that sparkles with passion, excitement, fulfilment & absolute happiness!

The truth is...YOU CAN!

Gorgeous…I believe in you, let’s do this!

It’s time to start thinking about what YOU want on a personal level and making yourself a priority too, so that you can experience what it feels like TO…

Live a meaningful life you love and are so passionate about that you radiate inner beauty and enthusiasm for life.

To assist you in getting started on your journey to personal transformation & empowerment right away…I’ve created a SPECIAL GIFT FOR YOU at the bottom of my home page and at the bottom of the '30-Day Daily Rituals Challenge' blog article!

Life is far too precious and the years are flying by way too fast, to waste another day, feeling unfulfilled and not allowing your beautiful light within to shine brightly. Don’t wait for everything to be perfectly aligned, to begin ‘Your Journey to Personal Transformation & Empowerment’.

The right time for you to start living an enriched & meaningful life that sparkles with passion, positivity, love & overflowing happiness is right NOW gorgeous lady!

Are you ready to find yourself again and ignite that fire within? Are you ready to wake up every day with a positive outlook on life, feeling so content, fulfilled and vibrantly happy, that you radiate enthusiasm for life and absolutely love your life with a passion? You deserve this and right now is the time!

Blessings, Love & Gratitude xo

Tania SinclairQueensland, Australia

Melita has helped me through her coaching, to remain positive in my darkest and most confusing times. Her calm nature and consistent support has been steadfast with some of my challenges being so overwhelming and when I felt it was all too much.

The many various tools and techniques she uses have been invaluable to my mindset and altered my life choices in many positive ways. I believe her skill-set of many years have come together to offer this amazing and invaluable insight into both self-care and finding your passion and purpose.

Melita has empowered me when I felt powerless. I am always forever grateful for the guidance and positivity she has shown me.

I have been honoured to have read a pre-release copy of her book, "Thrive as a Woman and Mother, Find Your Happy, Positive and Empowered Self"… Extremely uplifting and inspiring!

I am so excited that her wealth of knowledge and her own purpose is now available for every woman who needs it!