Positive Prime session ‘Find Your Happy, Positive & Empowered Self’

Positive Prime session ‘Find Your Happy, Positive & Empowered Self’

Discover your passion, purpose and zest for life, optimise your health & wellbeing and revitalise your mind, body and soul. It’s time to release limiting beliefs, boost your confidence, self-esteem and belief in yourself and increase your happiness, wellbeing and personal fulfilment. Bring your hopes and dreams into reality, feel a deep sense of self and find your happy, positive and empowered self in your journey to personal transformation & empowerment.


To reinforce the positive and powerful messages in my book, grab my personal transformation & empowerment session called, ‘Find Your Happy, Positive & Empowered Self’ by registering with Positive Prime for FREE, where you’ll feel consistently uplifted, encouraged and empowered with the confidence and belief in yourself that absolutely anything is possible!

To Register through Website :

  • Go to positiveprime.com
  • On home page select Login and then click on Sign up
  • Fill out your details and use referral code : Melita-133 to get my session for FREE
  • To select your additional free session using your 120 credits….
  • Go to Shop sessions and click on blue search button on the right
  • Then select the session you want to add to your Positive Prime account


Once you’ve registered your free account on your computer/laptop you will see a button, asking you if you want to watch this via App and you will be given instructions on how to install and download the Positive Prime App on your mobile/cell phone.


The gifts keep giving too…because each time you watch a positive prime session for only 3 minutes, you receive a complimentary 4 credits to put toward the next session of your choice.  So, basically the more sessions you watch for 3 mins or more, the more Free sessions you’ll get to choose to add to your very own library of sessions.

Imagine having the confidence and belief in yourself that absolutely anything is possible, along with the courage to conquer any limiting beliefs, fears, anxieties or self-doubt and coming out the other side feeling completely empowered and driven to take inspired and motivated action, to make your hopes and dreams your reality, with a positive outlook to create the life and future you want and love. If you want these things, register to get my Positive Prime session, ‘Find Your Happy, Positive & Empowered Self’ absolutely FREE!!!!


You can also watch the complimentary ‘Positive Prime’ session that you choose with your 120 credits, when you register for free.



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